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Our range is very extensive of both books and magazines so this page highlights the recently added items for you and new book releases.

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Recent Additons to Our New Books

Steam Engines and Waterwheels

A pictorial study of some early mining machines by Frank D Woodall. The steam pumping engine invented by Thomas Newcomen and developed by James Watt was further refin...

£9.95 (P&P £ 3.05)

Making Small Gas-Fired Boilers for Steam Models

This book describes how to make two vertical and two horizontal copper boilers with a capacity of less than three bar litres. With over 285 colour photographs and diag...

£16.99 (P&P £ 3.50)

Tool and Cutter Grinding

The cutting edges on engineering tools must lie at precise angles to ensure effective cutting and sharpening must re-create the original geometry of each tool. Thi...

£16.99 (P&P £ 3.50)

Instruction Manual for Ransomes MG40 Tractor

Facsimile photstat of the manufacturer's original manual for this interesting tractor. Illustrated and with numerous exploded diagrams, 44 pages.

£5.95 (P&P £ 2.35)

Ferguson Tyre Tracks Instruction Book

A facsimile photostat of the manufacturer's detailed 12 page booklet on the fitting of crawler tracks.

£2.95 (P&P £ 1.85)

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Recent Additons to Rare and Out of Print Books

The North British Locomotive Co Ltd

An account of the manufactures of the North British Locomotive Co. Ltd during the period of the war 1914 - 1919 with a short history of the firms which consituted the ...

£75.00 (P&P £ 3.82)

G.W.R Timetables

Original copy of the GWR time tables from May and June 1908. Damage to the front cover.

£65.00 (P&P £ 3.05)

The British Steam Railway Locomotive

The most comprehensive history of the subject written, The British Steam Railway Locomotive 1825-1925. A reproduction in book form of the articles specially compiled t...

£20.00 (P&P £ 9.50)

The Austin Seven Source Book

All 329 known Austin Seven variants listed and described in detail in the light of current knowledge. Information arranged in chronological order with annual summar...

£200.00 (P&P £ 0.00)

The Story of the Britannia Iron Works

The main thrust of Michael Lane's book is the definitive descriptive illustrations and detail of all the steam engines, tractors and other Marshall products over ...

£90.00 (P&P £ 0.00)