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Our range is very extensive of both books and magazines so this page highlights the recently added items for you and new book releases.

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Recent Additons to Our New Books

Build It! DIY Projects for Farmers, Smallholders and Gardeners

Using recylced materials wherever possible, engineer and farmer Joe Jacobs provides clear, step-by-step instructions for over 50 DIY projects for both inside and outsi...

£12.99 (P&P £ 2.71)

Stevens's Model Dockyard

A catalogue of model ships, engines, boilers, fittings, instructive & scientific amusements manafactured and sold at stevens's model dockyard.

£4.95 (P&P £ 2.07)

Design Procedures for Walschaerts and Stephensons Valve Gears

A geometric exposition to enable the designing and checking of both Walschaert's and Stephenson's valve gears using the correct first pinciples.

£17.00 (P&P £ 2.07)

Airbrushing the Essential Guide

Airbrushing is a versatile and exciting art. The Technique has been used for some 150 years, and is now finding ever more applications. This Beautiful book explains ho...

£19.95 (P&P £ 3.13)

A Guide To Brazing And Soldering - Everything You Wanted To Know About Silver Soldering But Were Afraid To Ask!

In This Book Keith Hale set out to explain the fundimental Principles. The book aims to cover what is needed to be done, why and how. Get the design of the joints righ...

£16.00 (P&P £ 2.71)

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Recent Additons to Rare and Out of Print Books

The Illustrated History Of Paddle Steamers

This is a book that recaptures the romance of the big rivers and the lakes in describing the fascinating variety of paddle boats that were to be found upon them.

£27.50 (P&P £ 3.60)

Garratt Locomotives of the World

The author is well fitted to write on this subject. His contact with Garratts extends back forty years to his schooldays. Extensive practical experience commenced in 1...

£17.50 (P&P £ 3.13)

The Caledonian Dunalastairs

In this book O. S. Nock traces the history of their design, construction and performance, with the aid of many official drawings, test results, and the diaries and rec...

£19.50 (P&P £ 3.13)

Burrell Showmans Road Locomotives

The Story of Showman's type road locomotives manufactured by Charles Burrell & Sons Ltd

£60.00 (P&P £ 3.13)

The Story of the Pendulum Clock

When this book was originally planned, it was intended that it should be devoted entirely to the history of the pendulum, that is to say the story of the introduction ...

£35.00 (P&P £ 3.13)