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Machinery For Model Steamers *

By Edited Percival Marshall

Reprint of a well known Percival Marshall book of 1920. It is an invaluable handbook and guide to power plants for all kinds of steam propelled model boats and ships.

£4.95 (P&P £1.85)

Milling In Small Lathes *

By Percival Marshall

A useful book showing how milling was done in the lathe in the early 1950s and therefore still valuable today. It gives a clear indication of some of the processes emp...

£4.95 (P&P £1.85)

Model Steamer Building

By Percival Marshall

A reprint of a classic early book on the building of model steam boats with details of making paddle steamers, launches and a torpedo boat destroyer.

£4.95 (P&P £1.85)

Model Steamers And Motor Boats *

By Percival Marshall

This interesting booklet covers model power boating as a hobby and goes on to describe the construction of various boats including a steam tug, steam yacht and a model...

£6.95 (P&P £1.85)

Practical Lessons In Metal Turning & Screwcutting *

By Percival Marshall

A reprint of one of the most popular technical books of all time with over 100,000 copies having been sold in the first few years of publication. The author holds a un...

£7.95 (P&P £2.35)