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Hot Air Engines

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A Practical Treatise On Hot Air Engines *

By Edgar T Westbury

With historical notes and diagrams, plus plans and construction details of several model hot air engines, this book is a must for the hot air enthusiast.

£7.95 (P&P £2.10)

Building Stirling Engines Without A Lathe

By Kjeld Hoejfeldt

Browsing on the internet the author came across an Idea for a Stirling engine which could be built without tools, developed the idea and build a running engine followe...

£6.95 (P&P £2.65)

£8.95 (P&P £3.45)

Robert Stirlings Models Of The "Air Engine"

By James Rizzo

In this book well known authority on hot engines James Rizzo describes, in detail, two working engines built, before 1825 by Robert Stirling, inventor of the hot air e...

£12.95 (P&P £3.90)


By Peter Scott

Stella, the model locomotive whose construction for G Scale or 45mm gauge, is covered in this book, is of a type never built in the real world, being powered by a stir...

£18.95 (P&P £3.45)

Stirling And Hot Air Engines

By Roy Darlington And Keith Strong

Provides an essential reference to engineers, teachers, students and hobbyists and aims to provide a thorough insight into designing and building Stirling and other ho...

£45.00 (P&P £3.90)

Stirling Engine Projects Volume 1

By James Rizzo

In this book, the first in a projected series, the author covers 'Bell-Crank' engines, where a Bell-Crank is the key component of the drive mechanism. The fi...

£15.25 (P&P £3.45)

Showing 1-10 of 7 title(s):