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Gear Wheels And Gear Cutting *

By A W Marshall

First published in 1947, this book was for many years the definitive work on the subject. It has been out of print for a number of years now and its reintroduction wil...

£4.95 (P&P £1.65)

Gear Wheels Simply Explained *

By A W Marshall

First published many years ago this book is the standard work on the subject and explains the principles of all forms of gear wheels, ranging from lantern or pin wheel...

£4.95 (P&P £1.65)

Gears And Gear Cutting

By Ivan Law

Gears in one form or another are a part of most mechanisms but they are by no means as simple as they may appear. This book explains simply, clearly and comprehensivel...

£7.95 (P&P £2.07)

Gears For Small Mechanisms

By W. O. Davis

Covers the theory and practice of the design of very small gears, friction and efficiency of tooth action, design of tools for cutting and generating gear tooth form...

£19.95 (P&P £2.71)

Showing 1-10 of 4 title(s):