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Electrical - Motors & Projects For The Modeller

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Electric Motors In The Home Workshop

By Jim Cox

This is a good series of books covering most aspects of engineering practice, written by Jim Cox.Detailed advise on how to make good use of discarded and surplus motor...

£7.95 (P&P £2.20)

Magnetos Simply Explained *

By F N Hutton

Subtitled 'A Practical Guide to the Construction Management and Use of the Modern Magneto' this book first appeared in 1922 and is therefore a useful referen...

£4.95 (P&P £1.75)

Simple Experiments In Static Electricity

By Percival G. Bull

A photostatic reprint of a fascinating booklet first published around the turn of the century. At the time electricity was a totally new phenomenon and this booklet co...

£4.95 (P&P £1.75)

Small Alternating Current Motors *

By A. H. Avery

A very practical book describing types, running characteristics, starting arrangements and general applications of fractional horse power alternating current motors wi...

£4.95 (P&P £1.75)

Small Dynamos And Motors *

By F. E. Powell

First published in the 1920s, this excellent book covers all aspects of dynamo and motor building, armatures and their windings and magnets. Numerous tables and illust...

£4.95 (P&P £1.75)

Small Electric Motor Construction *

By J Gordon Hall

First published in 1951 this book contains detailed instructions on the manufacture of several different electric motors suitable for the various applications

£4.95 (P&P £2.20)


By Graham Astbury

Number 47 in this series cover a practical guide to running three-phase equipment on single-phase electrcty supplies

£7.95 (P&P £2.20)

Wimshurst Machine

By A. W. Marshall

This photostat facsimile of an early book on the construction and working of the Wimshurst machine and other static electrical apparatus gives sufficient information t...

£4.95 (P&P £1.75)

Windmills & Windmotors *

By F. E. Powell

A reprint of the original English version of this fascinating book printed to the original size and therefore having drawings to the correct scale. Printed on a good q...

£4.95 (P&P £1.75)

Showing 1-10 of 9 title(s):