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Boiler Making, Soldering, Brazing and Welding

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A Guide To Brazing And Soldering - Everything You Wanted To Know About Silver Soldering But Were Afraid To Ask!

By Keith Hale

In This Book Keith Hale set out to explain the fundimental Principles. The book aims to cover what is needed to be done, why and how. Get the design of the joints righ...

£16.00 (P&P £2.35)

Ceramic Burners for Model Steam Boilers

By Alex Weiss

This book by Alex Weiss covers the materials needed to make ceramic burners and explains how to silver solder them. It explains how to set up, install and operate eac...

£16.99 (P&P £3.05)

Instructions & Working Drawings For Building Small Steam Boilers

By Andrew Smith

Features vertical and horizontal boilers suitable to provide steam for stationary engines.

£1.75 (P&P £1.35)

Model Boilermaking *

By G. L. Pearce

A facsimile reprint of a practical handbook on designing, making and treating of small steam boilers. Contains numerous useful diagrams.

£5.95 (P&P £1.85)

Model Boilers And Boilermaking

By Harris, K.

In nine chapters the author comprehensively covers general considerations and principles, efficiency, design features and scale effects. Materials and their properties...

£14.95 (P&P £2.35)

Model Locomotive and Marine Boilers

By Martin Evans

This book is concerned with locomotives, the most popular application of live steam power for model engineers, but also includes marine boilers, which make up the seco...

£14.95 (P&P £2.35)

Model Locomotive Boilermaking

By Alec F Farmer

Drawing on many years of practical experience the author explains in detail by over 300 descriptive photographs the construction of a model locomotive boiler from the ...

£17.95 (P&P £3.05)

Soldering And Brazing

By Tubal Cain

Examines the processes, equipment and materials and explains what is happening in the joints as they are made, with practical examples, test pieces, tabulated data etc.

£7.95 (P&P £2.35)

Soldering And Brazing *

By A R Turpin

For those wishing to learn more about this essential feature of model engineering, this book is undeniably one that should be amongst any model engineers reference books.

£4.95 (P&P £1.85)

Soldering, Brazing & Welding, A Manual Of Techniques

By D. Pritchard

Useful to beginners and as a reference for more experienced practitioners alike. All soldering, brazing and welding techniques are covered. Well illustrated.

£14.99 (P&P £3.05)

Showing 1-10 of 15 title(s):

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