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Peter's Railway

By Christopher Vine

While there are lots of railway books for very young readers, there is very little to follow on and maintain their interest as they grow older and more enquiring. The major part of this book is a story about a railway but there is also some simple technical, or how-it-works, information. The intention is for the story to interest the reader first, with the information there to feed the interest and answer some questions. It is not all necessary to look at the technical pages to understand the story and these pages are all in a boundary box to make it clear that they are something different. They are spread through the book, at the end of the chapters where they are most relevant. This is the first book in a new series. “At last here is a book for train loving kids who have grown out of the more junior railway books. They will love it” Dr Pete Waterman, OBE

£11.95 (P&P £2.55)