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Designing And Building A Miniature Aero-Engine

By Chris Turner

Many model engineers are turning to smaller projects and a model aero-engine fits the bill. This is a very fine book by Chris Turner covering the design and constructi...

£16.99 (P&P £2.95)

Diesel Model Engines *

By C. E. Bowden

The leading work on model diesel engines, full of ideas and designs for aircraft, cars and boats.

£9.95 (P&P £1.55)

Ignition Equipment *

By Edgar T Westbury

The author exhaustively researched very small ignition equipment in the late 1940's and this book is the result of that research. Practically every known form of...

£10.95 (P&P £1.55)

Magnetos Simply Explained **

By F N Hutton

Subtitled " A practical guide to the construction management and use of the modern magento" this book first appeared in 1922 and is therefore a useful reference guide ...

£4.95 (P&P £1.55)

Miniature Internal Combustion Engines

By Malcolm Stride

Describes the techniques involved in producing all the components required for an ic engine and, where possible features photographs of the actual set-ups used to carr...

£19.95 (P&P £2.95)

Model Glow Plug Engines *

By C. E. Bowden

This book describes in detail glow plug ignition and indicates the sort of model in which the glow plug engine gives of its best.

£5.95 (P&P £1.55)

Model Jet Engines (3rd Edition)

By Thomas Kamps

This revised edition examines the history of model jet engine development and explores the cutting edge technologies that have put model gas turbine engines into the r...

£14.95 (P&P £2.95)

Model Jet Reaction Engines *

By C. E. Bowden

Colonel Bowden was famous for his books on model aircraft and yachting. This particular book is probably the only one in existence on this rare subject and explains th...

£5.95 (P&P £1.55)

Model Petrol Engines *

By E. T. Westbury

The author was an acknowledged expert on model petrol engines and this book still remains the leading work on the subject, packed with useful information and designs. ...

£11.95 (P&P £1.95)

Model Petrol Engines - Their Design And Construction *

By C. F. Caunter

a reprint of the 2nd edition of this fascinating book, first published in the 1920's. Details the development of model petrol engines and features plans of the current...

£5.95 (P&P £1.55)

Showing 1-10 of 15 title(s):

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